the intention of healing roots culture is simple. 

healing is more than just a buzz word but a way of life. a means to integrate and bring light and awareness to that which has caused us pain, disease or discomfort and find a way to navigate life in a way that invites more peace, harmony and wellbeing. we are all healing, some with more conscious awareness than others but we are all healing nevertheless. to heal is to chose to be intentional

with ones actions, intentions and with a duty to be an example that another way is possible. 

this work in particular is focused on mothers who are chosing to parent with loving intention, an expanded awareness with kindness and guidance leading the way. 

healing our roots is a task that i feel we have all been tasked with as parents and caregivers at this time. as parents we have the ability to be alchemists, transmuting our inner child’s wounds into wisdom to impart to our own children and how we parent. to dedicate time to ourselves to care for the self, to seek to show the younger selves the care and attention that we needed and deserved in our younger years, to set and maintain firm boundaries around that which does not elevate us on this journey to wholeness and holiness and to relate with ourself, the people we are in relationship with and certainly our children as the images of the most high God that we all are worthy and deserving of sensitivity, compassion and loving kindness.

“faith without works is dead” james 2:26