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Being, not doing.

At the risk of sounding braggadocious,  i'm very busy these days. You probably are too - it seems to be the way of our world. As well as being a woman and all that comes with that I work for myself doing various creative things that fulfill me.  Sometimes though, we can get all get so caught up in what we're 'doing' it starts to define us, especially when an element of success comes into the equation.

We can be so busy doing the things that define our occupation; writing, sending emails, in meetings etc, all trying to get to the next part of the process we're forgetting to simply be.

Sit, stand, lay down, quietly. Breathe! Notice and appreciate the little things that we encounter every day that we miss rushing around doing what we do, running to the beat of the clock. Get in touch with your senses - remember them?! Eat your food and appreciate the flavours, textures and smell, take time.

Sometimes, you have to slow the pace down. Take 60 seconds to stop and ask yourself, who are you without what you do? Am I a writer always striving to get the next feature written, the next interview transcribed and does that define me? Moreover, what do all of these things serve - my soul or my ego?

I am the sum of many attributes - my values, morals, thoughts, and views. And importantly, i'm a spiritual being in a body having a human experience. That's what we're all doing.

In business, where we all strive to meet deadlines and just get shit done we forget to be human and speak to people with respect and compassion at the very least. When we're all just being human beings.

Your occupation is not who you are, its what you do. I have a mantra 'take time, dont let time take you'

Just be.


“Time is an apple. Time is no apple. Time is a worm in an apple. Time is a worm not in an apple; and yet such definitions will be absolutely meaningless to most people, for they can only think of time in terms of days or hours, and they do not think of time as an experience itself, or quite simply, being.” - Jane Roberts

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