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journal - living in NYC

I've been living in NYC for a month now and with travelling and living away from the norm, you get the opportunity to view yourself and the world in a different way, especially the world you left behind.

I'm an only child and my mother is one of ten children which is a contradiction in itself with me being an introvert and loving and needing my space but thriving off intimate connections with positive people whom I share a common ground with. Having lived in London all my life I'm used to the city but growing up my parents would holiday every year, so I've been able to digest and experience different cultures and countries. Working for yourself though, it takes a couple years of grinding and grafting with no weekends or days off, let alone periods of living away, but now the time to itch the scratch of wanderlusting presented itself.

Despite the comments from others about coming to live in NYC especially when wanting to get away, chill and get my mind right, really, wherever you lay your head is your home and new experiences and new environments are essential in keeping our minds open and healthy.

Paul Nussbaum, of the neuroscience dept. at The University of Pittsburg says that “When you expose your brain to an environment that’s novel and complex or new and difficult, the brain literally reacts”.

The physical benefits of travel are demonstrated with the report quoting previous studies concluding that women who vacation twice a year have a significantly reduced chance of heart attacks or coronary death. The break from stress, boredom and the mundane literally improves your health and helps your heart.

As with any moving situation it took me a while to settle in, especially with getting into the swing of writing and practicing yoga and mediation but NYC is a place of inspiration and for the go-getters. Even the homeless people are out on the streets hustling hard for their dollar to get them their whatevers and the mixtape pushers will tell you anything they think you want to hear but you can't knock the hustle. Even with the fear and anxiety that comes with America (the fact that it's been well over a month since Mike Brown was shot dead and the cop that killed him is still walking free) its fair to say that better the devil you know and at least with the UK the po don't have guns, however i refused to allow the fear to cripple me into not wanting to fully experience a new reality for myself and just myself, and learn how I can exist wherever I reside.

Travelling at any age to any destination, for even a week is essential. We can too easily get used to the ordinary and get comfortable with making money, paying bills and saving for rainy days that sometimes never come. Always living in this state stifles us from living our truth and to our true potential. Most of our inspirations can arise when we travel or do new things. Changing our environments and our daily patterns makes our brain have to find ways to adapt which causes us to think more creatively. 

Experiences are priceless and being able to up and move to live in another city is not a chance everyone can take but if the opportunity arises, one that should be grabbed with no hesitation.

“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

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