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Life's Journey x Appreciating The Process

I'm a strong believer that everyone is on a personal journey, full of valleys and peaks with different and varying goals, aims and destinations they aspire to achieve.

Over the past few weeks a topic of conversation keeps reoccurring amongst me and my friends - the subject of keeping your eye on the prize but appreciating the process.

Including myself people often, especially those in the creative field which is naturally competitive, feel like they're not 'where they should be', confident of their skills in their respective field (and rightly so), comparing themselves to others and feeling that they're not achieving the recognition they deserve.

But what happened to taking time, having faith in your ability to reach your destination whilst being appreciative of the process?

We live in a society that increasingly places an emphasis on immediacy. Rappers bragging about blowing money fast and TV shows promoting and encouraging instant fame and overnight recognition. The journey from A to B is prompted by this need for speed. But when you peak so early - where's the appreciation for the journey you've embarked upon, the lessons learnt through mistakes made, your strength and learning and gratitude for how far you've come?

A Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said "A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". You can relate this across the board - literally and metaphorically. Some of the most influential people in the world in their area of expertise and the most respected and loved have grinded for years without uncertainty that they will reach their destined location, probably with a certain level of tunnel vision doing what they need to do to grow and progress then its on to the next one and up to the next step.

You can often miss opportunities that have presented themselves to you in one way or another because you're too busy plotting for the future.  A future that we only have an element of control over.

Stop, take time, and look at where you are now in respect to where you were when you started. Trust in your gangster. We all have it in us, just evoke that shit, puff your chest out and know you're a boss. Be grateful and appreciate your process.


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