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social media: distractions + disconnection

Social media is all about connection and how we link into each other, but it can also bring about disconnection and distraction if not used in a productive manner.

I used to love it to be honest. Twitter and Facebook was the second coming of the online community (second to MSN, and sites like FacePic which allowed you to create an online persona or representation of yourself and exchange with others) but this time Twitter and FaceBook allowed you to do that whilst it be a tool for news agencies, websites and blogs etc to advertise and publish news and current affairs etc. People also advertised themselves and their respective online versions, just some more exaggerated than others.

I loved Twitter for the fact that my thirst for knowledge and the info came in 140 characters or less. Being a writer, it reminded me of having to come up with standfirsts or sub-titles. It allowed me to read about things happening in other countries and watch foreign films; all things I loved in the arts, the thirst was all quenched. But as time went on the Twitter personalities started to show me an uncomfortable side of the ego and what it does to people - bringing out a need for constant commentary and judgement on current affairs and life.

I fell in love with Tumblr which really swallowed me up and become another go to website to fall into, until l i took a take a time out and when i got to NYC i realised truly, that the internet had become a part of  a distraction method. I was still busying myself with looking at how I wanted to live, when really I was in a new city, a new space and environment but still allowing myself to be in this distracted state of awareness. The fact that I was in NYC did something to me that is typical to the affect that exploration of a new environment and of self brings to anyone and everyone that allows themself to fully be and immerse into the moment. By allowing myself to let myself really experience time away from the same mundane I WANTED to be distracted from, I made myself face myself and admit to myself a few home truths.

These internet blogging sites create an illusion. They, as I said, if not used in a productive manner can be distractions from your own pain (and, or pleasure) by looking at others  and gossiping, judging, commenting, or thinking and acting like you have an authority to put negativity on others. I've done it myself.  It seemingly too provides us with a disconnection from the actual people we're all blessed to have genuine connections with. We all see people sitting at tables, at restaurants, waiting in queue's, walking down the street on their phones, scrolling through a FaceBook and insta ready to comment and like. The I is reigning over community, literally isolating us from the truth of each other and our own selves.

it's too easy to fall for the internet versions of people and their filter and hash tags, and catch feelings over only getting 10 likes on your selfie on instagram. Humans function off interaction but unless you feel it all with all six senses it’s all open to translation, interpretation and misrepresentation. This cyber world suck you into the false, the faking of the funk and the fallacy.

(my new fave quote and thats only because i came to its understanding through experience and knowledge of self)

You can reblog and like a million deep and artsy pictures and quotes about enlightenment, knowledge of self, meditation and eating to live but the real representation of you is when you log off and the manner in which you go out and commune with the real world through your conduct, beliefs and values and how you exist and sit with yourself. You cant build or develop true connections by depending on your wifi connection and only through our presence and by doing the work, being and living out our best versions of self, can we achieve the quality and richness of real life we often perpetrate online.

Living in NYC would not have brought me the experiences and connections with others, allowed me to witness the beauty, and the enlightenments and clarity of self had i have insisted on plugging in, and instagramming every meal, every excursion, every meet and every moment.

Imagine if we gave the amount of attention to our real life impressions on people via the energy we bring around that we did to the filter and perfect caption for our insta pics. [youtube]

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