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Why It's Our Duty as Women to Support Each Other

Bitch, slag, whore, slut, cow - all names synonymous with the female of the species.

Men call us that and even worse, we call ourselves that, and by ourselves I mean our fellow sisters.

No one knows what it's like to be a woman, better than a woman. No one can better empathise or sympathise. Regardless of whether we can understand the specific challenge or issue another woman may face, with a little compassion we can overstand the driving emotion or emotion felt as a result. Whether a man cheats, a family member or loved one gets ill or passes away, becoming a mother (every woman has a maternal instinct - best gift from God), a fall out with a friend - there is no better support than from a fellow sister in humanity.

However, for the longest time there has been an epidemic of women-on-women hate crime. As I said earlier, these same ugly negative names that men can call us are also often used by us against us. Rather than feel the pain of our fellow women and want to ease it we add to it by talking rubbish, gossiping and judging. And this is no good.

I went to an all girls school and know I did my fair share of bitching and committing crime against women. I can admit that. I can also admit that it's only in the past couple of years that I've unlearned this behaviour (and strive to continue this everyday) and realised this kind of behaviour isn't only highly unhelpful to the females I'm belittling, but also detrimental to my own wellbeing and says more about me.

Although this may not be the case for every woman and I'd like to believe it's more common amongst teenage girls, thanks to shows like The Real Housewives Of Wherever, this women on women crime is somewhat glorified. You only have to jump on the gossip blogs and read comments underneath any story to do with a female celebrity to see the hate-filled comments made by usually other females about a womans appearance, from their weight to their weave.

Unfortunately I've already referenced her in a previous post but after Beyonce dropped "Bow Down" over the weekend this highlighted this behaviour when she instructed that 'bitches' should 'bow down'. Although I'm sure people will say "it's just music" she's also known for empowering women to the point of being called some sort of feminist due to anthemic songs like "Me, Myself and I""Single Ladies" and "Run The World" that I'm sure offered comfort and encouragement to many females. Then, like a hard slap in the face with an open palm, in the aforementioned song she proclaims "I know when you were little girls / you dreamt of being in my world / don't forget it, don't forget it / respect that, bow down bitches". Now, the word bitch COULD be open to interpretation (or could not be..) but from someone who was so for the empowerment of women this shift sends a confusing message.

Although not all of us are blessed to have strong support systems in the form of sisters, cousins or aunts we should be able to look to our girl friends and other strong females as an example that can offer us solace and encouragement.

As a call to women the future depends on our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing being 100% and it's hard for us to maintain this at the best of time. We need sisters to raise each other up and love each other with less comparison, jealousy and bitchyness and more patience, compassion and understanding. We owe it to ourselves - it's our duty! *Jumps off soapbox*

(as originally written my blog spot on the Huffington Post)

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