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women & the strength within

As I get older my respect for women elevates. There are so many roles that we have to play and they increase as we grow.

In my life and to an extent in my culture I am blessed to be surrounded by many strong and loving women that support, educate and uplift me no less than their own child.

My mum is a mum to everyone. Her nickname is mom dukes. She is a mother figure to my friends, her nieces and nephews, her friends’ kids, godchildren and whomever else. The job of a mother alone is the hardest job any woman can have and although I don’t have my own child yet, at 27 I see that her job will never come to and end. When a baby is born to a caring mother who is able to be the best provider and nurturer they can be, the mothers life is turned over to their child’s. Don’t get me wrong, fathers do their thing too but it’s fair to say it’s very different.

My moms has had bouts of dis-ease pretty much throughout my whole life, in hindsight all of which have been anxiety and stressed related and as I mature I realise how difficult a balancing act being a woman can be. Don't get me wrong, my mum is resilient, sweet and caring and has overcome it all with grace but the fact is we’re sensitive creatures. There are many nuances to our characters that can affect the way we re-act to situations and on a day to day basis, making us susceptible to worry, anxiety and stress that manifest in ways that are often detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Although obviously men too experiences similar challenges, I can only speak for women because that’s the experience I’ve been offered.

To break it down to a wider societal level, the rights of women being recognised as unequal have been highlighted in the news recently. For example the gang rape in India particularly struck a chord in the hearts of many. However, historically women have always been looked upon as subservient in more ways than just culture and tradition; the view that mainstream media often like to highlight. These injustices go as deep as the working space in our most corporate companies; let’s remember that women get paid less than men across the board in most jobs, even in our democratic United Kingdom.

Then, there are the pressures of wanting to conform aesthetically. We are bombarded with images and messages telling us how we must look, pretend to feel and act. These pressures can make a woman feel that we are not enough, causing us to be unbalanced and unsure of our true selves that lay so naturally at the core of our very being.

It’s International Women’s Month, and for me every day of every month women of the world should be celebrated and applauded. There is more to being a woman that the colour and length of our hair, the amount of make up we choose to wear or the clothes we have on.

The fact is none of us would be here, doing anything we are blessed to do, if it wasn’t for a woman who carried us, ached for us and brought us onto this plane. That alone should be respected if nothing else. Although men are seen to be strong (in macho terms) the strength of a woman is unparalleled. When the strength and determination we innately possess is applied to the actions we put out there is nothing we can't and don't overcome.

We have a God given strength that allows us to endure whatever life throws at us, but when this falters it can leave us prone to dis-ease within our bodies if we dont allow ourselves the time and space to appreciate and renew our strength. We have the tools to push through anything with the support and more importantly the time to remember this.

It's important we instill self love and confidence in our young girls who will go on to be strong for their friends and family and carry on the tradition that has made us the all conquering divine beings that we truly are.

"Being a woman is hard work" - Maya Angelou

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