Despite what western society would have you believe the postpartum/postnatal period goes beyond the 6 weeks following the birth of your baby. The postpartum period is a sacred time where traditionally mother rests inside for a period of time to realign, restore, recover and is taken deep care of. Our bodies go through a complete transformation, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently and our lives change completely. Navigating this experience can be a challenging time and at a time when society becomes more isolating and individualised, having the extra support of a doula during this time can be key.


After a long career in primary education focusing on inclusion, pastoral care and child mental health, working with vulnerable families in a close capacity I saw that the origins of behavioural and emotional challenges displayed at school were often rooted as early as birth. After having my own child, I further understood the importance of social care, community support, connection and compassion, and shared experiences.

As a new mother I will always consider myself postpartum! After a long and stressful birth I was supported by the village and following the ways of the ancestors I observed the 30 day laying in period to recoup, restore and realign. Now as a mother to a toddler, the support of the village still remains an important part of my experience. As your doula post partum, whether you chose to lay in or not I can help you honour this time.

After our 6 weeks together I will have helped to set you up for the time ahead as a new parent. 

Healing house of Eden is the home of my postpartum and self care support packages. Each piece is handmade with intention and love, and each herbal combination, plant and root used is deeply informed by my knowledge and passion for natural medicine. Many of the herbs are grown in my garden, all are organic and the tea blends, tinctures, oils and the steams are handmade by myself. 

I carefully select the products for C section mamas or mothers who have had long labours or interventions.

There are three boxes at varying price points where you can choose between a selection of herbal tea blends, tinctures, bath salts for healing and relaxation, a vaginal steam and oils. 

Bespoke self care packages and herbal health support

Work with you on your self care plan

Signpost to local services

Home visits to be there to hold space for your parenting journey and help facilitate your postnatal plan 

Be a friend, a good listener offering counsel or simple silence 

Nutritional advice and meal prep for you and the family 

Herbal advice

Providing breathing techniques and light stretches for relaxation and rest

Supporting you to feel confident in your own style of parenting

Holding the baby while you rest

Additional and complementary services

Manicure and pedicure

Talking and art therapy – I am trained with a diploma in the therapeutic and educational application of the arts. i offer skype or in person session to discuss, help to unpack and bring awareness to any issues that are present for you in your experience that you feel may impact your parenting and demonstrate how bringing about an awareness of these behaviours over time with compassion and patience, can bring about great change. Breaking generational.family narratives, love and parenting rooted in raly childhood and attachment issues.